Great Group Games on the Go:
50 Favorite Team Builders

A portable version of the bestselling book, Great Group Games, this card deck features 50 popular games printed on colorful cards. Teachers and group leaders will find tips and methods to engage students and learners of all ages in any setting. The fun, low-prep games offer surefire ways to transform a group into a cohesive team, and they are based on the stages of group development and represent a variety of learning styles.

“I love the cards because I don’t have to make copies of the games I want to use for workshops or classes. I just pull the cards that I want to use that day and bring them with me!,”

Meredith Middlebrooks, educator and counselor

“These are great – when I can I take a card to lead a game in my class?”


Brendan, 5th grader

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