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Play, Live, Lead With Purpose

We help clear the path to keep you on course for the work you’re really about—making an impact on others’ growth and development. We create research-backed, tested activities and strategies to help you connect and engage others, prompt self-discovery, and grow your group. Through our play with purpose approach, we help your staff team break through barriers to better connect with and empower others.

Leadership Development



Play With Purpose

We create customized youth development curriculum (camp & after-school programs, advisory time, service-learning lesson plans) to meet your agency’s needs.

Team Building

Experiential Learning



Live With Purpose

We offer both customized training modules and our signature positive youth development modules to strengthen staff growth. Additionally, we reinforce your training designs with engaging activities to cement learning while having fun.

Professional Development Facilitation

Activities You Can Use

Training Modules Development


Lead With Purpose

We offer expert guidance and 1 on 1 coaching to help fortify program quality in working with young people.





Our Commitment


We believe in a playful, experiential approach to learning. Our training series consistently engage participants, both young and old, in meaningful, yet fun, educational experiences. We are a partner agency, not just a canned training provider.

We work to understand your culture and mission. We customize workshops that best meet your professional development needs (as required).

If you work with young people, ask us about one of our signature training options in positive youth development. It’s a good place to start the conversation about what might be most helpful to you.


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