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Ground your work in meaning AND play.

Partnering with Write Creations Group, LLC (WCG) is the best way for your team to learn, grow and go so they can impact others. With WCG, the experience IS the takeaway.

They’re your team and you care about them. They’re on the frontlines every day working to achieve the mission, to make life better for young people and communities in both big and small ways.

They do so much to empower youth. They train. They coach. They mentor. They teach. They connect. They’re in the relationship business. Keeping up with best practices, research, strategies and activities is a juggle on top of being with their group and all their other commitments.

We Create Trainings, Curriculum & Activities That Maximize Engagement Within Groups & Organizations




We’re not your typical trainers, nor writers. We put both fun and purpose into what we do. Why? Because we know that individuals learn best when they are relaxed and engaged as they put information into practice.


We take research around positive development, break it down into portable activities and strategies, and pass them on to you. So you can do your best work as leaders, trainers, teachers, and facilitators. Whether working with youth or leading adult teams, you can lead with confidence. Learn to create engaging experiences that energize and inspire as you build up your set of go-to activities.




Play, live, lead with purpose.

Imagine your team in a space where you invest in their growth and development. You see the energy. You see the laughter. You see light bulbs go off. You see possibilities bubble. It’s magical. It’s transformative. You see them begin to connect within themselves, with each other, and with content. They become alive, renewed, and inspired.

They play with purpose.

Energetic Trainings

That’s what we do. That’s the WCG experience: Play, live, lead with purpose.

In WCG events, play with purpose leads to discovery, both personal and professional. Skills enhance.  Confidence blossoms. Ideas spark. Understanding grows. Networks expand.


We craft interactive experiences that help people discover passions, sparks, and purpose. We create moments of self-discovery that resonate. Through games, activities, trainings, and retreats, we provide content you can use again and again—with youth, board members, and staff.


Your team will walk away with a greater understanding of best practices, implementable strategies and how to play, live, lead with purpose. They’ll leave empowered to do what they love in new ways, in playful, interactive ways, but always, in meaningful ways.


Work with our team to implement best practices and research into what you do to strengthen program quality.



Maximize your curriculum. With our flexible development & design options, you can feel confident you are crafting dynamic learning experiences through a curriculum customized for your work.

Professional Development

Choose from our WCG training series or have us craft agency specific training designs to meet your needs.

Ready to get started?  Drop us a line and let’s create something awesome!

“Working with Susan and Ann is truly a remarkable experience. They bring so much creativity, knowledge and energy into a training room, and their books are packed full of tangible activities that group leaders of all experience levels can pick up and facilitate.
Everything they do is carefully curated and aligned with youth development research. I have valued the opportunity to co-facilitate with them and have learned so much from their role modeling practices.”   
 —Daniel Horgan, CEO – D.G. Horgan Group, New York
“Through workshops, books, and games, they teach people to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses so that they can better benefit themselves and the community. They help people see talents in themselves that they might be blind to, and empower them to use those talents to enrich the world around them.”
—Kristin Murray


“Volunteer Tennessee has proudly partnered with Susan and Ann for over a decade.  Their collaborative work to create the Seasons of Service curriculum for us 2012 is a shining example of how curricula should be developed.  It is such a strong and comprehensive guide that, years later, we are still providing it to schools and non-profits that want to start service-learning programs.”
—Jim Snell, Volunteer Tennessee

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Our partners make our work worthwhile. We create each experience with their particular team in mind and leave agencies better positioned to move forward in their mission.

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