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Great Group Reflections

How do you train people to think? How do you teach them to connect with others? How do you guide them to be more effective in their actions, decisions, and relationships? Through reflection!

Reflection is the ingredient that moves learning activities from great fun to the aha moments that change lives!

“This is the book on reflection I’ve been looking for.
It is the best tool a teacher could ever have
for understanding what reflection is and using it.
I love it.”


Chip Harris,

Retired Teacher Educator

Whether it’s the kick-off of an event, a 20-minute gap between functions, or an all-day or multiday retreat, this sourcebook suggests a wide array of solutions for keeping young people upbeat, engaged, and unified.
Building on the popularity of the bestselling Great Group Games, this new collection for the younger set shows teachers and group leaders how to make even the silliest activity meaningful.
Growing up can be difficult. Will I be picked last? Will I make the team? Do people like me? How do I fit in? Wait! What I really want is to belong.
A portable version of the bestselling book, Great Group Games, this card deck features 50 popular games printed on colorful cards.
Fun-filled activities to transform meetings, workshops, trainings, and group culture are included in this thoroughly revised edition.
This practical handbook is for teachers, volunteers, group leaders, youth counselors, coaches, and anyone who works with young people.
Grounded in the 40 Developmental Assets ®, a research-based framework for healthy child development, this inspirational activity book lets kids have fun while building new skills and character. 
This ready-to-go tool will help youth groups find meaningful ways to connect and make a difference in their communities through service-learning.