Groups, Troops, Clubs and Classrooms:
The Essential Handbook for Working with Youth


This practical and inspiring guide is for teachers, volunteers, group leaders, youth counselors, coaches, and anyone who works with young people. Readers will learn about how young people are wired, how to create inviting classrooms and meeting spaces, and how to connect with students in meaningful, lasting ways. Find dozens of strategies to help young people discover their inner strengths and passions. Dozens of games, activities, icebreakers, and quizzes will keep you and your young people engaged and motivated.

Search Institute Press, 2014.

“An invaluable guide to bringing out the best in all young people. Whether you work in a school, a youth program, or are an engaged neighbor or family member, this book provides tips, tricks, and insights on how to help all young people thrive.”

John S. Gomperts, President and CEO, America’s Promise Alliance

“Everyone who cares about youth knows that connecting with them is critical. Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor have written the book that shows how. This indispensable resource, brimming with practical ideas, will be read, re-read, and dog eared by teachers, coaches, youth workers. and anyone working with youth.”

David Walsh, Ph.D., author of Why Do They Act That Way? A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen

“In order for young people to thrive, they need three champions: family, school, and community. This book is a valuable, practical guide to help youth thrive over time.”

Cathy Tisdale, President and CEO, Camp Fire National Headquarters

“If you are ready to truly adopt a strength-based approach in your work with young people, this book will help you lay a solid foundation.”

Dan Dummermuth, President and CEO, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

“The tools and resources in this book provide adults with concrete approaches to support young people as they become leaders and thriving community members.”

Elizabeth Kaeser, Senior Manager, generationOn

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