Great Group Games:


175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages.








Whether it’s the kick-off of an event, a 20-minute gap between functions, or an all-day or multiday retreat, this sourcebook suggests a wide array of solutions for keeping young people upbeat, engaged, and unified. Offering icebreakers, “straight-up” games, and reflection activities, the book provides instructions for staging meaningful, fun interactions that encourage participants to think. Games are organized in sections identifying various stages of group-building, ranging from establishing foundational relationships and building upon them to transitions and celebrations. Among the games included are: Change Over—turn a tarp completely over while always remaining on the tarp; Common Ground—Which team has the most in common?; and You’re a Star—team members guess whose celebrity name is on their backs. Details on timing and supplies are also featured for each activity.  w

“ An infinitely usable guide.”

Youth Today

“ More than a collection of icebreakers, this wonderful resource book is chock-full of playful yet effective ways to form trust and develop community”

Rick Jackson, co-director, Center for Courage & Renewal

“ As a recreation major who reads game books like people read cookbooks, the Great Group Games books are the BEST game books to hit the market in the last two decades.”

Wendy Acosta, Acosta and Associates Inc.

“ A well thought out approach to compassionate education that honestly emphasizes play as a valid learning mechanism. If it’s not fun, it’s not functional. This book is fun.”

Karl Rohnke, author of Quicksilver, Silver Bullets, and A Small Book About Large Group Games

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