Brain Boosters for Groups in a Jar:
101 brain-enhancing games to get teens moving and connecting




101 active games to encourage brain development and team building in classrooms, advisory groups, after-school programs, teams, and youth groups.  Players pull out a card, follow the instructions, and start boosting brain power.

“Imagine a school in which every class took 5 minutes to play before starting instructional time.  Think what would happen to the spirit of learning and community throughout the school.  Ragsdale and Saylor books give educators tools to promote this kind of learning and growing.”  

Anthony Johnson, Alignment Nashville

“Great product! I am a 5th grade teacher and these have been awesome for my students. I originally got them to use as brain breaks, but I have used them for so many other things, like icebreakers, indoor activity time, short challenges, etc. Overall, a good find!”

Beth, Amazon Customer

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