New Release from Write Creations Group

Great Group Reflections

60 Compelling Challenges to Prompt Self-Discovery And Prompt Critical Thinking

How do you train people to think? How do you teach them to connect with others? How do you guide them to be more effective in their actions, decisions, and relationships? Through reflection!

Reflection is the ingredient that moves learning activities from great fun to the aha moments that change lives!

From the best-selling authors of Great Group Games comes this foundational book to set the stage to deepen reflection. Experiential, fun, and meaningful, Great Group Reflections guides facilitators of youth, adult or mixed groups through how to create lively moments that capture attention and strengthen reflection. Use these positive activities to help large or small groups expand critical thinking, trigger creativity, and deepen self-discovery .

Authors of the Great Group Games series and veteran youth development practitioners themselves, Susan Ragsdale and Ann Saylor provide easy-to-implement, low-prep group reflection practices that strengthen the impact and effectiveness of any learning activity.

Along with providing fresh reflection tools, Great Group Reflections takes a closer look at why and how to ask questions and the benefits of reflection. The included debriefing prompts illustrate how to move conversations from one-word answers to personal relevance and development. The facilitator cues also include any information needed to lead the games.

“This is the book on reflection I’ve been looking for.
It is the best tool a teacher could ever have
for understanding what reflection is and using it.
I love it.”

–Chip Harris, retired Teacher Educator

“Leave it to Ragsdale and Saylor to combine reflection and critical thinking into fun activities for groups, classes, young and old! This book is a long-await- ed treasure of reflective activities that promote analytical thinking and invite participants into a journey of self-discovery.”

—Terry Silver, Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Educational Studies

“An outstanding resource for new youth leaders and teachers as well as veter- ans in the field! The reflection ideas and tips will help each learning opportu- nity meet goals and objectives. All the while, the group is having lots of fun.”

—Dr. Nancy Dickson, Program Director, Humphrey Fellowship Program, Vanderbilt University